Are rubber bath toys safe for babies?

Natural rubber and stainless steel are good choices for bath toys. You'll definitely want to make sure toys dry properly between uses and try to avoid toys with holes that can trap water inside. Mold is more harmful if ingested. If you think your child may have swallowed some bath water that was moldy, relax, most likely it wasn't enough to make him sick.

The last bath toy I want to share with you is the Geomag Baby Sea. These are magnetic shapes and rubber animals that can be used both inside and outside the bathtub. They come with 4 magnetic spherical shapes, 2 round and 1 square and 4 soft rubber animals. Hevea, based in Denmark, produces a range of natural rubber baby products that are eco-friendly and compostable.

Produced from the rubber sap of the Hevea tree, the Hevea range of non-toxic rubber ducks is manufactured in a hygienic, one-piece design, so there are no holes, cracks or joints in which bacteria can hide. Harald the Whale is a great splash toy with a locking mechanism that prevents mold (you can open the whale's belly and let the toy dry before resealing it). Natural rubber or silicone bath toys with food-grade plant-based paints %26 dyes are often good choices, as are brands like Plan Toys, which use safe %26 sustainable wood in their bath toys. They have rubber ducks (which are mold-free and toxin-free) and a variety of lovely bath toys and other baby items.

The toys are colored with natural dyes approved for food contact by the FDA, and all Hevea toys contain no PVC or phthalates, BPA or synthetic materials. But, if you're looking for safer plastic bath toys that are PVC, BPA, and phthalate free, Boon and Moluk toys are also a great option. Unless you meticulously dry each bath toy after each bath of your child, the toys will eventually grow moldy. I have had to throw out more than a few bath toys in my day after seeing black water splashing inside, so I appreciate when toy manufacturers strive to prevent mold from taking root.

Mold and bacteria grow quickly on toys submerged in warm water, so it's better to use only toys designed for bath time (instead of, for example, Sophie la Giraffe, who is known to have mold). Squirt toys are a great addition to any bath toy collection as they provide hours of fun in the bathtub for little ones. Also made with 100% natural latex rubber, CaaOcho bath toys are another great option for safer bath toys. You will also find that baby toys, such as PVC rubber ducks, often attract bacteria in the cracks %26 cracks, so one-piece natural rubber alternatives may be a more hygienic option.

Boon Bath Toys is another brand that produces a range of best-selling interactive bath toys %26 for babies, toddlers %26 toddlers. As a parent, it's hard not to fall in love with Green Toys and their commitment to making today's toys out of yesterday's trash. Boon manufactures a variety of bath toys such as these suction jellies, stackable canisters and illuminated toys that will make bath time very enjoyable. Here are some brands of non-toxic bath toys that produce 100% natural rubber ducks, as well as other rubber bath toys.

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