The Best Toys for 2-Month-Old Babies: Stimulating and Fun

At two months old, babies are starting to recognize the world around them and their eyes and ears are adapting to new sights and sounds. While they may not be able to grasp or hold toys yet, there are plenty of stimulating and fun toys that can help them learn and grow. From musical boxes to stuffed animals, here is a list of the best toys for two-month-old babies that will captivate their senses and make them happy. Mobile phones with hanging toys that can be touched and played with are great for two-month-old babies.

A musical box with moving figures, like the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy, is also a great choice. Stuffed animals are also great for talking about or laughing at. Play mats with clip-on toys can be very stimulating for newborns, but it's best to remove the clip-on toys and place the mat on top of a rug to create a comfortable place for tummy time. This will help your baby interact with their toys while strengthening their neck muscles.

The popular multifunction toy collection of bugs is a great choice for two-month-old babies. They have a sweet expression that babies love, and they're easy to grab. The colorful and durable links can be used individually or joined together to form a chain that's perfect for keeping toys attached to the stroller. Soothing toys with music and buzzing can help calm your baby and help them fall asleep.

A long-time favorite of parents is the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy, which is perfect for portable entertainment. Good toys for toddlers should match their developmental stages and emerging abilities. Squeeze toys, teething toys, rattles, and other toys that activate your baby's senses are great options. The Donkey Pacifier Plush Toy is a unique pacifier that comes with a plush toy so your baby can bite it while hugging the cute donkey.

In addition to being safe, good toys should also be colorful and durable with interesting noises and varied textures. The Bright Starts Clack & Slide Activity Ball is a great choice as it measures 8.5 inches and is designed in vivid colors and patterns that will help your baby focus.

Latasha Stokely
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