What baby items can you carry-on a plane?

Place all carry-on baggage, such as toys, bags, and blankets for children, on the x-ray belt for examination. Strollers, umbrella strollers, baby carriers, booster seats, and car backpacks should be examined by X-ray. Place items in stroller pockets or baskets, in a handbag, or on the x-ray belt for examination. Going through airport security can be stressful for anyone.

But going through airport security with a baby in tow can be utterly chaotic. Does my baby have to swallow the rest of the bottle while we wait in the safety line? Will I have to throw away breast milk?) These Lansinoh breast milk storage bags can be placed flat or upright, which will save space and avoid having to wash too many bottles on the go. The bags also come pre-sterilized and reinforced with a double seal to prevent leaks. Breast milk can also be stored in checked bags.

The TSA allows you to carry ice packs, freezer bags and frozen gel bags in your carry-on and luggage to keep your breast milk fresh. We like the Medela Breast Milk Cooler Set, which can hold four 5-ounce breastmilk bottles and comes with a contoured ice pack. As with the bags, you can also bring glass jars for baby food on board. Again, let your TSA officer know that you have them in your carry-on baggage before the screening.

These Gerber jars are one of our favorites. Compared to other passengers, babies have it easy at the airport. TSA's liquid rules don't apply to milk, juice, or baby food, and airlines don't charge fees to review some of the most common baby-related products. In fact, no common baby product is totally prohibited on flights.

If only occupying a fussy baby during a cross-country flight were as simple as going through safety with one. Baby food is allowed in tote bags in “reasonable” quantities, which basically means that it's okay to pack all the baby food your child may need during the trip.

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