Can You Take Baby Toys on a Plane?

Travelling with babies can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to packing. One of the most common questions parents have is whether they can take baby toys on a plane. The answer is yes, most toys can be carried in hand or checked baggage, but it is important to check with your airline to make sure that the toy fits in an upper seat or under the seat without any problems. When travelling with babies, it is important to be aware of the size and shape of the toys you are bringing.

Toys that are too large or look like a prohibited item may not be allowed through airport security. It is also important to check all packaged bags for plastic toys that may look like a prohibited item. When selecting toys for your baby, it is important to choose ones that will keep them entertained for hours and also help develop their essential skills. Magnetic, electronic and motorized toys are all considered baggage for travel and can be taken on board in your hand luggage or checked baggage.

Some great travel toys for babies include Munchkin bathroom sets, which are perfectly stacked for hand luggage and ideal for getting in and out of the water. My Busy Books are also great travel activities for children, as they come with a story, 12 figurines and a folded play mat for role-playing games. For toddlers, wooden threading blocks are ideal for developing their fine motor skills and are very quiet travel toys. Water guns, Nerf guns, toy swords and hand grenades should be avoided as they may not be allowed through airport security.

When travelling with babies, it is important to bring a variety of toys so you can find out which type will keep them entertained during the flight. Toys with uninstalled batteries are allowed in checked baggage and carry-on baggage, although toys with removable batteries are likely to be lithium-ion and should only be in carry-on baggage. In general, most toys can be taken on board without any restrictions as long as they do not interfere with any flight procedures. However, it is always best to check with your airline before travelling to make sure that your baby's toys are allowed on board.

Latasha Stokely
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