Can Puppies Benefit from Baby Teething Toys?

Believe it or not, puppies have baby teeth just like human babies, and when those adult permanent teeth emerge, your pup is likely to want to gnaw. To avoid sacrificing your favorite pair of shoes, investing in some puppy teething toys that massage their gums and keep their jaws entertained is a must. The best teething toys for puppies tend to be made with rubber or nylon that even the hardest teeth can't chew. Nylabone teething toys for puppies, such as the Nylabone teethers or the Nylabone teething pacifier, are ideal for puppies as they have raised bumps on the surface that massage the gums when puppies chew.

And no matter how much fun it is for your puppy to get the stuffed out of a stuffed animal, we recommend you buy toys for dogs that are difficult to destroy, both for the safety of your dog and for the sake of your wallet. It is likely that your dog will also enjoy toys that have different textures and have secret compartments to hide treats, since that will keep him entertained for much longer than a simple bone. Here are 12 teething toys for puppies that will last throughout your puppy's teething phase. As puppies transition, you'll want to opt for the best chew toy for every stage of their life. At 8-12 weeks, consider using a Nylabone teether to massage your gums, or opt for the Kong Natural rubber teething puppy toy, which can be filled with soothing frozen candies.

As your puppy comes out of the teething period (around 24 weeks), you can introduce quality chew toys designed for adults, including wind-up toys, fetch toys and transition to a Kong Classic or Kong Extreme. Puppy teething toys are specifically designed with puppy teeth and gums in mind. Made of safe materials for puppies, teething toys are not only great for soothing sensitive gums, but are also great for dogs' dental hygiene. Puppies chew almost anything as-is, but during the teething stage, you may find that they are more destructive than usual. Bored and teeth-popping puppies turn to shoes and table or chair legs because they are close to the ground.

Providing proper chew toys is crucial to keeping your home intact and allowing your pup to naturally relieve oral irritation. Sturdy rubber toys, nylon bones, canes and other chews are a great choice for puppies whose teeth are growing because they are safe and durable. Kong toys are always a favorite, but anything made of rubber tends to be a hit, as your puppy can chew well with them and you can also try to make your own homemade teething toy for your puppy that can be frozen to provide a refreshing and relaxing treat. The cotton blend fibers of this rope toy really clean your dog's teeth while they chew and play (and it's the perfect toy for tug of war). Chew toys and treats are the first lines of defense when it comes to teething puppies that gnaw at everything in sight, according to Newman, Grossman and Klein, who say bully sticks are the best chew toy. Donuts are so sure of the indestructibility of this toy that they will replace the toy if your pet can chew on the outer layer to expose the inner red layer.

For example, some puppies may want a toy that can be filled with something tasty (such as the KONG Puppy Toy), while others may prefer a toy that already has flavor, such as the Benebone Wishbone. If you are looking for one of the best durable toys out there, then look no further than the durable teether toy for dogs CPYOSN. Customers note that the toy does not always stay cold and the outer material tears easily, although others claim that the toy is more effective when frozen. There are a wide variety of teething toys for puppies, but some of the best types include sturdy rubber toys for safety and durability, while bully sticks can also be a great option for puppies that are teething. It's hard to determine which teether is the safest, but the KONG Puppy Toy is undoubtedly a competitor.

The puppy equivalent of the best-selling Kong toy for adult dogs, this version features a soft rubber formula that is specially customized for the baby teeth and gums of a growing puppy. In addition, the two squeaky toys can also be an additional distraction, as the main toy emits a crunchy sound inside its body when chewed on. Most parents of puppies already have chew toys for their new baby dogs, but making sure they are always available will greatly reduce the chances of it ruining an item of yours. No matter what toy you select for your puppy, it's important to keep an eye on him when he plays and check toys from time to time to make sure your puppy hasn't bitten any pieces.

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