How do you store toys without a playroom?

A closet for storing linen, a closet in the hallway and built-in shelves can be options for organizing toys without a playroom. Implement a toy rotation with lidded storage bags that store in the garage. Include a variety of toys in each bag and label them according to how you want to rotate them. Since your toys are going to be organized by type, simply add a tag to them.

I love using my labeler to label everything. As children get older, this helps them see where things are going. The hooks are a great idea for organizing toys. Clothing and capes can be neatly hung on hooks to make them easier for children to access.

Luckily, we have ample storage space for all the baby things we've stored and I'm really good at reviewing toys that become dust collectors and removing them to storage. Storing toys without a dedicated playroom or children's space can be tricky, but it's not impossible to hide toys in living spaces. So, being selective when choosing toys for your children will help reduce toy clutter in the front end. Before you know it, you have a legitimate house full of baby stuff and toys and you need a place to put all the things.

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