What delays a baby from walking?

Sometimes the delay in walking is due to a problem in the foot or leg, such as developmental dysplasia of the hip, rickets (softening or weakening of the bones), or conditions that affect muscle tone, such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. Call your doctor if your baby seems limp or if the legs appear weak or uneven. There are many reasons why a child can walk late. Heredity plays an important role; if one of the parents walked late, there is a chance that the baby is too.

Sometimes babies who are big walk later because they have more weight to bear and gaining strength takes time. And just as in language development, personality plays an important role. Some babies seem happy to stay at home. Most children can walk alone between 11 and 15 months, but the rate of development varies widely.

Some children will fall outside the expected range and still walk normally at the end. Walking is considered to be delayed if it has not been achieved by 18 months. When a child has difficulty walking, it is known as developmental delay. Ideally, the child should start walking when he reaches 12 months of age.

Latasha Stokely
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