Are baby toys safe for birds?

Plastic baby toys, unless made of acrylic, are not safe for parrots. In addition, rubber-like soft toys should be avoided, as they can be torn and swallowed. Even thicker plastic, such as PVC, can cause chemical poisoning or accidental ingestion of fragments.

Baby toys

are a great option for your parrot because they are relatively non-toxic.

You can find these toys at fairly cheap prices in thrift stores or at your local dollar store. Generally speaking, baby toys are safe and great for parrots to play. There are general rules that you need to keep in mind, but it is your responsibility as an owner to know the habits and behavior of your parrots. Any baby toy that is made of natural fiber, such as wood and cotton ropes, hemp (jute) or sisal, also excite birds.

As long as the toy is quite indestructible and there are no rings or other things that your bird can get caught on, baby toys can be safe toys for birds. However, a bird only needs a few indestructible toys. Pine, Balsa, Birch, Linden, Poplar, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Apple, Elm, Cactus (Cholla), Manzanita. Some little birds like it and even curl up with a stuffed animal and groom them, but others immediately fly into their cage just by seeing a stuffed animal.

The chain links of C-hooks and clips are other simple toys for babies that provide energetic stimulation for little birds. In case you have a little challenge with your little bird who loves an amazing stuffed toy that you gave him, you can try cuddling the toy for some time to transfer your scent. When buying toys, avoid wood with heavy fragrances such as cedar or pine, you can use wooden blocks that children play with, such as this wooden rattle, or use wood to make it a personalized toy for your bird. Evaluate the safety of a new toy by monitoring your bird's play activities with the toy for the first few days.

Hanging and trembling baby toys will certainly interest your birds too, especially if they are colorful and emit some kind of sound. Be careful to avoid these types of toys if you are buying bird toys in the non-bird section of the pet store. Parrots come complete with the tools and strength to avoid any safety measures in electronic baby toys. Parrots can play with toys that are made for babies, but it takes common sense on your part to understand which ones are OK and which aren't.

While birds appreciate some baby toys as much as typical toys, not all items provide the same excitement or interest. Avoid zinc, harmful chemicals, glues, adhesives (plywood), lacquers, paints, colored magazines and newspapers (inks and harmful chemicals), toothbrushes (nylon fibers can be dangerous), cardboard (harmful glues), toilet paper and paper towel tubes (harmful glues), key rings (se locks the tongue), plastic bags, cellophane, foam and felt (all four will not pass through your bird if ingested), plastic-coated wires and vinyl toys for babies. Following these guidelines will help keep your bird safe. There are a lot of great ideas on Google, just check out the DIY toys for birds and you'll be surprised at how many safe items you have in your house that can be turned into toys.

If you are buying second-hand baby toys, be sure to clean them thoroughly before giving them to your bird. Always ensure that rope, chain and leather toys are hung close to the surface on which the toy is hung and that attention is always paid to the length as components are destroyed. Toys made for a baby may be the inappropriate size of your bird or may be too dangerous for a small bird. .

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