When should a baby be able to walk with a push walker?

Walkers are usually designed for babies from 4 to 16 months of age. Apart from this, the baby needs to be able to keep his head up quite firmly and have his feet touch the ground when he is placed in the walker, in order to use it. In the age range of 9 to 10 months, the baby begins to explore his environment further and will show that he is approaching a position. This is the perfect time to incorporate a standing toy that incorporates sit-to-stand play.

A standing sitting toy, such as a baby walker, offers an opportunity to stand up with a safe toy. DD could use his walker at 7 months, but he didn't start walking until he was 12 months old. She began to take steps on her own at 11 months. I agree with PP that being around other walkers of LO's age will probably help.

DD always tried to imitate older children. If you use it over tummy time, you may have larger toys under them, which really helps to engage older babies. The use of a push walker is a fantastic transition toy that allows the baby to hold on to the handle of the walker and move from moving on furniture to the first steps with support. So, let's talk about using a push baby walker to help babies perform developmental tasks such as sitting to stand and coordinating first steps.

Playing with a baby walker has many benefits for developing core strength and the ability to push up the hands and knees. Nice toy to walk around collecting other toys or objects and taking them to a specific place to unload them. And, when baby drops toys into containers and then folds to pick them up from a push cart, he's working on skills that go even further in his development. Usually, once the baby is sailing with confidence, he will want to be on high alert, watching the baby taking his first steps.

Keep in mind that babies have different schedules and that preemies may reach this and other milestones later than their peers. Educate families that the floor is the best place for babies and that baby chairs, hammocks, and swings should be used sparingly, if at all. Your baby will likely start walking sometime between 9 and 15 months, but many babies don't walk until they're 18 months old.

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