The Best Baby Toys for Every Stage of Development

Babies grow and develop rapidly in their first year of life, and baby toys are essential for not only entertaining them, but also helping them reach their developmental milestones. From sensory toys to activities and books, there are a variety of toys that can help your little one learn to babble, grab, roll, crawl, walk and run. In this article, we'll review the best baby toys for every stage of development. First of all, babies can look at hanging toys or rattles with their eyes. They may see your toy moving and be interested in where it moves, following it carefully with their eyes from side to side.

You might see them moving their arms and hitting hanging toys. Babies also like to explore toys with their senses, including taste. That's why it's important to provide educational toys for their growing minds, but also to stimulate their senses and their imagination. Tummy time is essential for your baby's development, and gyms are perfect for that. Look for toys that can clean up regurgitation and drool easily.

Many rattles have clips and accessories that can be easily attached to your car seat, strollers and high chairs. Velcro clips or straps make these toys more versatile, easy to carry and comfortable to play anywhere. Interactive tables are great for entertaining your baby as they become a toddler with 20 developmental activities, including an illuminated piano and a rotating slide. Younger children will improve fine motor skills when using their hands to interact with objects. There are so many types of rattles.

Some rattles make noise or have flickering lights. Others have soft textures, while many are hard plastic. Rattles should be light, soft and easy to handle or hold in the hand for baby to hold. Mirrors are also great for babies as they love to see their reflection. While some rattles have mirrors, there are also larger cloth-covered baby-safe mirrors.

These fabulous toys motivate babies during tummy time. You can also tie them to a car seat so that your baby reflects babbling. Sleep is important for babies as they need to learn to sleep at different times to establish nighttime and nap routines. Many sleep toys include soft and plush stuffed animals that play different lullabies and sounds to help baby know it's time to rest. It supports the baby enough so that he can interact with his toys and, at the same time, strengthens the neck muscles. The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy is a record favorite and encourages a love of music and hearing development.

The most popular items for younger babies are toys that attract or stimulate their senses through sound, touch, taste and hearing. This beautifully designed kit includes toys that stimulate baby's senses and educational guides for parents. A long-time favorite of parents, we have not yet met a child who is not mesmerized by this toy, it will quickly become your favorite toy for baby's portable entertainment. That said, although he may not do much with toys at this age, you can still show him the toys or use them during your time together. There are also toys that have lasting appeal and are still played with as babies move from their first year to infancy and preschool years. Around four or five months is when most babies start grasping objects, so having a toy they can easily grasp will help encourage a good grip. Babies and toddlers love to feel different textures, so “toys or blankets with labels sewn around them are perfect” according to Conti. Le Toy Van makes the most beautiful wooden toys and this Petilou mobile gear and gear puzzle is no exception.

Realistically, babies like to play with household items like wooden spoons and plastic food containers, so don't feel obligated to spend a lot of money on toys. Obviously, balls make great toys for rolling, but little wooden shooters are also wonderful once babies start crawling or shuffling.

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